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Since July 2012 in the betting tax, which was anchored by the Federal Government in the Betting and Lotteries Act from the year 1921st Since then the bookmaker landscape in this country has changed enormously. Some of the best bookmakers have completely turned their backs. Other online bookmakers give the tax burden one to one to their customers, others only in the event of a win and some bookies delivery for the tax office wear even still alone.

In the control part here you learn everything about the betting tax. Most importantly, however, here you will find the betting provider in which you can still betting tax free. At the same time you the different calculation models bookmakers are explained. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, which they can exploit, but sent in their favor.

It can of course not deny that the Betting friends are at a disadvantage in enormously against the typists in the neighboring countries. The tax has a direct impact on the value of the odds. A customer has partly to other quotes and providers rely as users in Austria, unless he wants to use the most lucrative betting offer. Some refrain example on the betting tax in a certain number of multiple bets.

Are winnings from sports betting in Austria be taxed?

Let's start with the situation in Austria? Here, there are namely the most clarity and the situation is quite simple. In a nutshell: In Austria are no taxes on winnings. The reason given is that sports betting yields no income type of income tax can be assigned (similar to a gain in state lottery provider). In other words, Austrians do not have to pay tax on their profits and can therefore be easily and completely withdraw with a clear conscience.

In this Alpine country a small legal nuances is important to note that facilitates bettors much. In Austria, the Betting officially do not count as gambling, but be as a skill game considered. With this classification, the law enforcers are likely to actually come very close in our neighboring country of truth.

The sports betting tax in Switzerland

The situation in Switzerland is completely different than in Germany and Austria, since each scored bets will be assessed as ordinary income and must therefore be taxed regularly. Who bets on government websites and wins, his payout will automatically receive an exclusive 35% withholding tax, which goes to the authorities. After filing a tax return receive Confederates but this sum back. Private betting providers that do not sit naturally in Switzerland, precisely this withholding tax is not paid. Nevertheless, it is perfectly legal to bet in Switzerland for foreign bookmakers. Due to this enormous Tax burden is the online bets for Swiss course particularly attractive and lucrative.